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The Entire Timeline Of The Rumored Relationship Between Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner.

It has been half a month since this rumoured couple came into the public’s eye. it is evident that their relationship is still going strong. There is no denying that the singer and model are having an affair because they keep appearing together in Los Angeles. Nothing has been confirmed at this time, but it seems worthwhile to review everything we know about the couple.

From Kendall & Bunny’s first kiss in February to the present.

February 16, 2023:

A tip that the “single, popular model sister was noticed playing tonsil hockey with Bad Bunny at a classified L.A. club the previous night” was shared by Instagram gossip millier DeuxMoi. Many people debated whether the woman in question was Gigi Hadid or Kris Jenner. But the person behind DeuxMoi eventually admitted on her podcast that it was Jenner. The make-out session that took place over the President’s Day weekend at the Bird Streets Club in West Hollywood appears to have had witnesses present.

February 18, 2023:

Kendall Jenner and Bunny were seen leaving the same restaurant. They albeit separately and from different exits. It was indicating that their relationship has swiftly progressed from the club to a formal date. Many assumed the foursome was on a double date because Justin and Hailey Bieber were also seen leaving the restaurant around the same time.

February 20, 2023:

It was only a matter of time before the People reports came in, just like they would with any celebrity couple who was just starting out. The website says that Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny are “spending time together” after “they were introduced by friends” a week into the “relationship.”

People were informed by a source that “She likes him and is having fun.” He is not the same as the folks that she dated before. He has a lot of charm. According to Entertainment Tonight, Bunny shares his feelings. A source expressed, “Kendall and Bad Bunny are attracted to one another and certainly have a flirty vibe.”It’s been a great time for both of them up to this point.” Despite this, ET underlined that the situation is “not serious and the two are having a good time.”

March 7, 2023:

Weeks after they previously started dating bits of gossip, Kendall and Bunny went to Sushi Park in West Hollywood for certain companions, including the model’s sister, Kylie. The paparazzi caught Kendall and Bunny hugging and kissing as they were leaving the restaurant.

March 9, 2023:

According to Entertainment Tonight, the couple is “taking things slow for now and seeing where things go in the future” in light of the latest status update. It appears that they “are just hanging out and having a good time” and “both really like each other.” They get along well indeed and have shared companions, so individuals around them truly like them together. Her family is steady of their relationship. Everyone is pleased that Kendall is content.

March 12, 2023:

Jenner went to the Vanity Fair Oscar party on her own. But later that night, she went to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s super exclusive Chateau Marmont event with Bunny. Even at four in the morning, they were seen leaving in the same car.

March 14, 2023:

As per Us Weekly, “Things are not official among Kendall and Bad Bunny, but rather all things considered, they’re seeing each other dependably and getting to know one another better.” Regardless, Jenner’s sentiments seem, to be “beginning to develop” since she has “spent more time” with the artist.

The source went on to say, “It’s not very serious, but she likes him and is open to seeing where things go with him.” He makes her laugh and treats her with respect, which Kendall appreciates.

April 4, 2023:

Jenner and Bunny returned to the spotlight, this time on horseback, after being away from it for a few weeks. At the Hidden Hills Equestrian Center, the singer and model were seen riding together. As indicated by TMZ, they alternated on the pony and even rode together at a certain point. Jenner is a well-known celebrity horse girl who has claimed that her horses were once her only friends. In this way, assuming she’s acquainted Benito with her equines, that likely means its getting serious between the two.

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