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Lana Del Rey spotted serving tables at a Waffle House in Alabama

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Lana Del Rey spotted serving tables at a Waffle House in Alabama

Lana Del Rey is presenting waffles. The vocalist has clearly been working two jobs as a server at a Waffle House in Florence, Alabama, as per posts from a couple of her customers shared on a fan account. 

Pictures posted Thursday show Del Rey in uniform, heartily serving supporters and working behind the counter. Additionally, in one video, she can heard say, “Gracious glance at this person. Goodness God, Charlie don’t film him without his consent.” ” Just Lana Del Rey filling in as a server at a café,” the subtitle peruses.

 Furthermore, she even has her own Waffle House name identification. Someone else presented with the vocalist inside the Waffle House, expressing, “To say I’m blissful is an understatement!!!.” It’s not known why Del Rey is right now in Alabama, however she has supposedly been seen as of late at an area nail salon and a Starbucks. 

CNN has connected with her delegate for input. Del Rey as of late played at Glastonbury Celebration in Somerset, Britain. 

Lana Del Rey, whose genuine name is Elizabeth Wooldrige Grant, has fundamentally made her fortune through her music and fashion. Additionally, She has displayed from H&M and teamed up with the extravagance brand Mulberry to make a satchel that was named “The Del Rey”.

Lana Del Rey Family

Lana comes from a well-off family and was brought up in New York City.

Her dad, Rob Grant, is a land specialist and President of Media Web Properties, a broadened internet-based media and distributing organization. It is accounted for that he put vigorously in her profession when she was initially beginning.

Moreover, she just released her new album, named “Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd”

Which is her 5th studio album released on the 24th of March.

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