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FIFTY FIFTY “CANCELLED” By Netizens, Loses The Barbie Music Video Amongst Many Other Endorsements Amid The Backlash.

On July 4, Ilgan Sports revealed that FIFTY FIFTY’s music video for a unique soundtrack in the upcoming Barbie film was to be released as part of the playlist curated for the movie. Many fans had anticipated the group’s music video for “Barbie Dreams” as it would have been an extraordinary chance for the group to draw in new fans and concrete themselves as a fourth-gen group legendary group for the making.

Fifty FIFTY had the option to take part in the “Barbie” OST because of their association with Warner Records. With that, they have been intending to make a music video for “Barbie Dreams” to improve their association with the film.

In any case, entanglements emerged when the group sent evidence of various disagreements with their entertainment company ATTRAKT, resulting in a contract termination

Similarly, Dougiebus Chief Ahn Sung-il made attempts to persuade Arin.

However, as the pressures and tensions within ATTRAKT increased, it became evident that they had never even started recording and filming the music video.

The media source likewise revealed that the girl group had a bunch of their schedules dropped because of their quarrel with their agency ATTRAKT. As per Ilgan Sports, FIFTY’s dropped their plans of doing a commercial with a worldwide footballer and an appearance on one of Korea’s greatest variety entertainment programs. The group also lost a great endorsement deal with one of the biggest electrons company.

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